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A Guide To Runway Markings
Runway markings vary depending on the type of operations conducted at the airport
| By: Severe VFR
Overhead View Of Windfarm
A Rundown On Aircraft ELTs
An Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) is a battery-operated transmitter developed to locate a downed aircraft and is a component of the various emergency services available to pilots.  
| By: Severe VFR
What Pilots Need To Know About Carburetor Ice
Ice build-up within the carburetor, or carburetor ice, is a well-known and documented phenomenon that can occur within a float-type carburetor. 
| By: Severe VFR
Looking Out Cockpit Window
5 Visual Glideslope Indicators Pilots May Encounter
Visual glideslope indicators provide a visual reference to aid a pilot in determining the aircraft's position relative to the proper glide path.
| By: Severe VFR
View Flying Over Intersection
High Lift Devices: Types Of Trailing Edge Flaps
While each flap-type works under the same principles, engineers have found creative ways to get more performance out of flaps through different designs.
| By: Severe VFR
Graphic Of Retained And Discontinued VORs
The VOR Minimum Operational Network
Everything about the newest FAA program. The VOR MONs implementation, application, operational requirements, and service volumes that a pilot should know.
| By: Severe VFR
VOR Service Volumes Title Card
VOR Service Volumes
VORs (VHF Omni-directional Range) provide positive course guidance within a standard service volume.
| By: Severe VFR
Cessna Skyhawk Cockpit View On Short Final To Land
Oxygen Storage Systems
Oxygen can be stored onboard an aircraft in 3 ways: as a gas, as a liquid, and as a solid. Each method has different advantages, disadvantages, and operational considerations.
| By: Severe VFR
Copilot View Of Cessna Skyhawk Wing
Oxygen Delivery Systems
Three types of oxygen delivery systems exist: Continuous Flow, Diluter Demand, and Pressure Demand.
| By: Severe VFR
Side image of cessna cowling
The Different Types Of V-Speeds
Definitions of single, multi, and complex aircraft V-speeds. When a pilot uses a given V-speed, and how they change based on internal and external factors.
| By: Severe VFR
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