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VFR and IFR Equipment Requirements Title Card
VFR And IFR Equipment Requirements
Depending on the prevailing conditions, specific equipment needs to be installed and functioning on an aircraft.
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Cessna Skyhawk Flying Through Hard IMC Overcast Layer
Instrument Currency
According to 14 CFR 61.57, for a pilot to be instrument current they must at a minimum have performed: 6 Approaches, Holding Procedures and Tasks Intercepting and Tracking courses through the use of electronic navigational systems, Within the preceding six calendar months
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Cessna Skyhawk Flying Past Powerplant Co-Pilot View
How To Give A Perfect Passenger Briefing
Part 91.519 requires the pilot to brief passengers on a variety of items before every flight. Pilots use the S.A.F.E.T.Y. acronym to remember each item.
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Plain view looking down at the ground from a cessna skyhawk at a high altitude
Supplemental Oxygen Requirements
Part 91.211 lists when supplemental oxygen must be used for unpressurized and pressurized aircraft. Supplemental oxygen is used to keep the human body functioning properly by preventing hypoxia from occurring.
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