Image of Southwest Jet Opposite Runway
Multi-Engine: 11 Factors Affecting Vmc
11 factors affect a multi-engine aircrafts Vmc speed. This may result in actual Vmc differing from a multi-engine aircraft's published Vmc speed.
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basic airfoil terminology title graphic
Basic Airfoil Terminology
Definitions of an airfoil's leading and trailing edge, chord line, camber, thickness, mean camber line, and their effect on an aircraft's performance.
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Best Angle Of Climb Vs Best Rate Of Climb Title Card
Best Rate Of Climb Vs. Best Angle Of Climb
To understand the differences between best rate of climb and best angle of climb, a pilot needs to understand the difference between thrust and power.
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2 Coyotes Standing By Airport Taxiway
Aircraft Wingtip Vortices
Wingtip vortices are created by a pressure differential between the top and bottom of an aircraft's wing, forming a rotating vortex at each wingtip.
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Cessna Skyhawk Looking Down From 8,000ft
The Pilots Guide To Aircraft Hydroplaning
Hydroplaning is defined as a condition that exists when an aircraft's tires rise off the runway surface and ride on the surface of a contaminant.
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Front cockpit view on final approach to land
Types Of Parasite Drag
Parasite drag is a combination of forces that attempt to resist an aircraft's movement. These forces include the air's displacement by the aircraft, turbulence generated in the airstream, and friction produced by air flowing over the surface of the aircraft.
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