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Main Logo of Severe VFR

What We Do

Whether you're a student pilot or a seasoned professional, Severe VFR will have something for you. With that being said, it is extremely unlikely all our readers will have the same level of pre-existing knowledge, and that can present a challenge for the wide range of topics we cover.

Based on our 5 years of flight experience and 2 years of flight instructing, when reading about topics on aviation, especially in-depth topics, it is effortless to find incorrect and incomplete content. That's why we created Severe VFR: a complete online guide on a variety of aviation topics for every skill level.

Who We Are

Severe VFR is owned, operated, and created by one sole CFI who flies during the day and writes at night. I have seen many of my own student pilots prosper, and I watch others struggle due to insufficient knowledge, inadequate instruction, and inferior teaching methods.

I started to fly junior year of high school. I soloed in 11.7 hours and got my private pilot certificate at 44 hours, about 1 year after my first lesson. I then got my instrument, commercial, CFI, and CFI-I certificate the following year. I started teaching my sophomore year of college. I became extremely frustrated at other instructors using their students for their own benefit and not for the students' benefit.

I made it my goal to change this. Learning to fly should not be as difficult as many experience it, and knowledge about aviation as a whole should not be behind a paywall. I was extremely grateful to have instructors who cared and gave me proper instruction that led me to progress at the rate I did. That's why I created this website. To bring together a collection of aviation theories, ideas, techniques, and know-how and gift it to the aviation community as a whole.

I'm a pilot at heart.

I hope what I do manage to create has you walk away better than when you arrived. I hope what you learn gets applied in your daily flying, flight training, and professional career.

Thank you, and welcome to Severe VFR!

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